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Project Consultation

At Ninox, we can offer suggestions on a range of topics related to game manufacturing so you will know what are the best options for your game. These topics include game box and game board construction, card stocks, printing and coating options, and custom manufacturing of game pieces. We understand it can be a daunting task to prepare the specification of your game with the appropriate nomenclatures, so we are here to help. 

Production Cost Estimation

Once you have the specification of your game, we will be able to estimate the production cost for you. Depending on the complexity of your game (i.e.  the number of specialized components involved), this process may take as short as a few days to up to two weeks. For most games however, cost estimation typically takes one week, and you will be informed with the unit cost of your game (for your requested order size), along with any tooling costs, sample charges, and/or printing setup costs required for its production. We will be able to provide you with a dummy sample of your game, so you can evaluate the texture, weight and feel of each printed components to make sure they feel right to you.

Pre-production Samples

We will review your artwork files and professionally assess them to ensure they will print well, and will advise on any necessary correction. A press-proof sample will then be sent to you for review of content and color accuracy. It is worth highlighting that we provide complete mock-up samples of your game, and not just sheets of printed materials. What this means is the our pre-production samples will come in the form of an assembled game, using the same material and construction as in production, which we believe is the most informative assessment of content and quality prior to mass production. If your game contains miniatures, this is the time when we will send you tooling samples for review, prior to construction of an injection mold.


When you give us the green light to mass produce your game, we will have them made and packaged professionally and timely. For most games, the production lead time is about 30-45 days (for producing 10,000 games).


Our printer invests heavily in printing technologies and game production techniques. Being a Hasbro-approved facility, Not only does it mean our printer is capable of handling very large production volume without compromising quality or delivery time, it also means you can have more confidence about your game being produced under stringent safety, environmental and social economical standards. We can mass produce games from a large selection of card stocks, printing and coating options, and also helping you to print on a variety of materials besides paper such as fabric, metal and plastic. Furthermore, the printed components of each game will undergo a number of treatments to prevent bending and warping, which could otherwise occur as a result of exposure to certain climate conditions. 

Custom manufacturing of game components

In addition to our dedicated factory which also produces for several large international clients in the toys and games industry , Ninox also has strategic partnerships with many quality manufacturers in Asia that can help you produce game pieces in plastic, metal, polyresin, wood and fabric. Whether you want your game components to be colored by tempo printing or screen printing, or have miniatures hand-painted with a high level of detail, we can help you achieve these goals and to ensure that they meet your specification. 

Quality Control

Quality is of utmost importance to us. At Ninox, we put in tremendous amount of effort to closely monitor each step of the production process to ensure your game is made to your specification. As a result, we are able to quickly detect problems arise during your game production and have them resolved efficiently.


We offer a number of shipping options for delivering your games. When you initiate your project with us, our project managers will discuss with you about the available options.


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